1. bvckys:

    after steve gets all hunkified a la super soldier serum bucky gets all touchy feely to the point where steve finally gets annoyed and speaks up and then bucky’s all smug like

    "no babe i’m grabbing your heart"

    "buck my heart’s on the left"


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  3. blackbirdintheimpala:

    *whispers* i think i have a new otp in the form of steve/bucky holy shit

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  6. me: today is an okay day i guess

    me: *thinks about bucky barnes*

    me: fuck i take it back

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  7. cryoboyfriendsheadcanons:

    Bucky with pierced ears.

    He’s always wanted them, but Hydra deemed piercings unacceptable and impractical for battle, but now Bucky’s with SHIELD, and piercings are in dress-code as long as he takes them out for combat.

    The problem is that his hair catches on his ears, so he’s gotta wear it in a pony-tail. The first time Steve sees Bucky with his hair tied up and ears riddled with piercings, it’s during breakfast and Steve chokes on his bacon. 

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  8. soluscheese asked: Imagine Bucky and Steve as paperboys trying to earn money - especially little Steve whose ailments cost a lot in doctor visits. Maybe that's how they meet, with Bucky protecting him from bullies or bandaging him up or helping him earn money or something equally fluffy and adorable.


    imagine bucky taking an extra hour to walk steve’s route with him on the days when he knows steve isn’t feeling well, even though he’s not getting paid for it; when steve hotly declares that he doesn’t need to be babied, bucky shrugs and insists that he’s bored anyways even though they both know he’s lying

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  9. buckbaarnes:

    steve and bucky always making sure to kiss before they go into battle

    bucky always carrying steve’s inhaler and watching his back even though he’s got more than enough on his plate

    steve always remembering to create a distraction the moment he hears bucky’s labored breathing behind him

    bucky and steve cuddling together in the barracks as soon as they return to base

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  10. jbckybarnes:

    I need a threesome stevebucky+ me fic. I need it yesterday

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  11. imaginebucky:

    imagine bucky and steve speaking french to each other when they don’t want others to understand them and at a briefing for a new mission they start saying some pretty dirty stuff like “ce soir on baise toute la nuit" and natasha gets exasperated and finally says "you do know i understand everything you’re saying right??" and bucky just smirks and replies "viens donc nous joindre

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  12. that was a little homoerotic
    –  my dad on the winter soldier (via castielus)

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  13. joisunamused:

    Have you ever imagined Bucky singing all that jazz to Steve and Steve getting all blushy and flustered because I think about it a lot

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